Wardrobe Edit

Do you often go through your wardrobe in the morning and complain that the items are too small, big, uncomfortable or you just don’t know what to wear it with?  For many people it can be a really negative experience because 80% of the time they only use 20% of the items they own. Once you have a wardrobe edit with me you will open your wardrobe in the morning and be excited because you wear everything. A much more positive way to start your day!

In the comfort of your own home we will review your existing wardrobe together, clearing out items that are old or no longer useful.  We will talk about clothes that work for your body shape, colours that make you look brighter and healthier and make you feel more confident.  We will also discuss what you do in your day to day so that you can achieve a wardrobe that is appropriate for your work, home and social life.  Following the session you will feel positive about deciding what to wear and enjoy wearing the new outfit combinations we will discuss. Your wardrobe will be tailored to who you are now, today. I will also give you tips so that you know how to shop more successfully in the future, rather than repeating some of your previous mistakes.

We will also identify any gaWardrobe Editps so that you are left with a shopping list of items which will help you make even more of your wardrobe.  If you would like me to help shop these with you I recommend booking a Personal Shopping session as a perfect follow up.

A complimentary bra consultation can be requested as part of your Wardrobe Edit.  Please ask when booking.

£195 – Up to 3 hours

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