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Me and Em from Pretty Normal Me feeling confident
Selfie time with Em!

“The whole process has definitely made me more body confident (now I know that I shouldn’t be hiding behind my clothes, rather finding things that actually work for me).” – Em, Pretty Normal Me

On February 14th I donated a Wardrobe Edit to The Pants Project Valentines Party auction.  The Pants Project was set up by Tash to help women feel feminine and beautiful through the power of pants, no matter what fertility issues they’re facing and all money raised by them is donated to The Fertility Network.  

The generous winner of the lot was Em, founder of Pretty Normal Me, a blog set up to help women be the happiest versions of themselves.  It’s amazing how women who want to support women seem to come together!

A few weeks later Em and I spent the morning going through her wardrobe. It was a real pleasure to spend time getting to know her and helping her declutter some of her wardrobe and discover new outfits. The result, she now feels more confident in her clothes and her outfit choices – without buying anything new!

Following her Edit, Em wrote a blog post on her experience.  You can read that post here now.  Thanks for this Em, and, even more importantly, for donating to the Fertility Network UK.

If you haven’t got time to read the whole post right now, here are some of the highlights.

“I thought that this process would kill me…But I have to say, I thought it was SO great. Already my outfits feel so much more calculated, I feel more confident when I am dressed and I realised that I actually own some really great stuff.”

“I loved Cat so much and am so so grateful for this whole experience.”

Wow, praise indeed! Thanks Em!

Em's Pre Edit Wardrobe
Em’s Pre Edit Wardrobe
Em's Post Edit Wardrobe - much easier to navigate in the morning!
Em’s Post Edit Wardrobe – much easier to navigate in the morning!

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