About Me

Hi, I’m Catherincropped-Cat-YWE.jpge Strawbridge, and I’m here to help you with your style and your confidence. Some might think that an unusual combination but from my own experience I know that personal identity and confidence go hand in hand.

In January 2016, following 5 years of failed fertility treatment I found myself lost – I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing. I had left a successful career supporting others in charities to concentrate on our treatment and we had moved from the city to the countryside. The lack of identity I felt in my work and personal life was reflected right back at me when I looked into my wardrobe full of office clothes. Not to mention the 2 stone I had put on because of treatments, hormones and failed pregnancies, after which generally followed a little too much wine! Deciding to take some time out from treatment, and my career, I got a part time job and spent the rest of my time rediscovering who I was.

I knew what I had been, Contour Fashion Degree graduate, Lingerie Buyer in both the UK and US. Then, when my conscience kicked in I went to work for National and Global charities. But somewhere in the years trying for a family I had lost my passion for everything. To find it again I needed to find out who I was now.

The early part of the year was the hardest. I didn’t know what I wanted to do except help others but I just couldn’t see my way there. I couldn’t imagine being excited by anything ever again.

Fate works in mysterious ways though and a last minute invite to a dinner party led to a conversation about clearing out a wardrobe and over the next few days Your Wardrobe Edit was born. As you can imagine it wasn’t that straight forward though.  With the help of family I studied Personal Styling at the world renowned London College of Fashion. Several attempts in I built myself a website.  But now, here I am, excited to help you rediscover YOU.

These days there are many reasons to find yourself lost. In my case it was IVF, for others it’s heartbreak, illness, a big birthday, career fatigue, redundancy, having a family (because I know that that is exhausting too!), divorce – the list, sadly, is endless.

Whatever your reason, if you find yourself lost I am here to help. Contact me today to find out how.

Cat x

PS I was asked by The Fertility Podcast to share my story. Why not make yourself a cuppa and listen to the full story below?