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Whilst this isn’t my usual subject matter I felt compelled to write this post after spending the day at Cambridge Space recently.  For those not in the know, Space is a new co-working project that started several weeks ago.  The brainchild of five individuals, it found its home in the Hundred Houses Society just north of Chesterton Road.

I was invited along after meeting Ieva, one of the founders, at my first CamJelly event.  Working from home I often find myself distracted by housework(!) so I have been trying out other options.  I will definitely attend more CamJelly events but Space has something extra special about it.

The host for the day I was there was John who welcomed me and gave me a tour before anyone else had arrived, keen beans that we are!  The space consists of the co-working space which can hold approx. 20 people, meeting room, chill out area, lunch table and kitchen. We then sat on the sofa in the chill out area with a cup of tea (all provided) and John talked me through the concept of “Space Camp” as it’s known and how it runs day to day.  Still in its infancy he explains that nothing is fixed, they are constantly moving the space round and experimenting with ideas to make it work better for its members.

As the morning progresses people start arriving and everyone introduces themselves to the new face.  Chatting to the members there that day they all seem to be in creative fields – musicians, graphic designers, role play facilitators, social media experts – and everyone is incredibly friendly.

In addition to the member facilities they also run free events most days, open to members and non-members. Lenka is there all day for her social media surgery, somewhat underused on the day but I’m sure other days she’s run off her feet. At 12.30 there is a workshop on presentation skills facilitated by the thoroughly engaging (that’s what you want from a presentation expert I guess) Jon Torrens – highly recommended if you get to hear him speak. Other days see sessions on Improvisation, Do you feel like a fraud?, Brainwalks.  Needless to say there’s always something going on.

I headed off just before close at 5pm a little sad that I wouldn’t be returning the very next day.  As someone who spends at least a portion of my week working on my own writing blog and social media posts, newsletters, researching and accounts, I know that I would benefit from working in a space like Space regularly.  I love the collaborative atmosphere the founders and early members have managed to create and I very much hope to be working with them over the coming months.

If you would like to find out more visit the Cambridge Space Facebook Page.

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  1. We loved having you work with us, Cat, and we’re looking forward to seeing you back here again soon! – whether for some co-working or at one of our events. Glad you hd such a good time!


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