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I was approached by Mercedes of Prohibido Lingerie, Cambridge to review a new product Bye Bra she is looking to stock.  Knowing my background – Contour Fashion Degree and Lingerie Buyer – she knew I was probably going to be a tough critic.  They retail for under £30 depending on style chosen.

Bye Bra Product
Bye Bra Product

Bye Bra description (from their website)
The Bye Bra adhesive breast lift with silicone nipple covers is a simple solution for a quick and effective enhancement of the female breasts without the need for surgery or even a bra! The adhesive breast lifts lift the breasts from the top. Therefore Bye Bra is the perfect solution for a strapless, a backless, V-necked or plunged-necked outfits. The Bye Bra can also be worn under a bikini.

The adhesive breast lifts are made of a very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil which is produced by 3M and shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples upwards by several centimeters. The adhesive breast lifts can also be used to make adjustments — for instance, if a woman has two different breast shapes or sizes, or nipple heights the adhesive breast lifts will help.


I’ll be honest, whilst I was initially excited to try the Bye Bra it did take me a bit longer to commit to trying it on.  In the run up to Christmas there’s a lot of running around and I just never felt like I had enough time in the morning to apply them.  Cancelled meeting one Friday allowed me the time and when I did do it I was pleasantly surprised to find it took just a matter of minutes!

Product needs to be cut to size before applying
Product needs to be cut to size before applying

During the preparation I took some pictures of the product so it took me a little longer but the actual cutting (you cut them to size) and application took about 3 minutes, which I thought was fantastic.  Initially I didn’t think I would use the nipple covers however, realising that the alternative was doing a Rachel from Friends, I did opt to use them in the end.  Now we wait and see how they last, client research and some shopping, not the time to be coming unstuck or lop sided!

I immediately went for my bra when getting dressed – it’s amazing how automatic the routine is.  Realising my error I simply put on a vest top and jumper (well it was December) and went about my day.  Personally I can imagine wearing a Bye Bra product for an event such as a wedding or BBQ/Summer party when I’m wearing something strappy/strapless but not doing anything too strenuous (unless of course I’m murdering the dancefloor which is entirely likely!).  So, a bit of food shopping and instore research for a client, coupled with some home working and house chores felt like a good test of their “hold”.  I must say I was, again, pleasantly surprised.  After an initial check to make sure everything was “level” I didn’t really think about them again – which is exactly how I like my underwear.  They stayed put and kept hold of the goods all day.  At no point was I concerned that they were going to unstick and based on this experience I would happily use them again.

The size/shape of the top would dictate which product needed to be used – I am a little unsure as to whether these would show over the top of a strapless top, I guess it depends on the top.

Between £20 and £30

I watched the video which was very clear and easy to follow.

Quick and easy – although only stick them once.  I did start to unstick one of them to reapply but stopped peeling as I felt it wouldn’t stick again.

Overall Thoughts
I would use this product.  It was easy to use and did the job it set out to do.  Warning: if wearing with fake tan I suspect it would peel off the tan – not a deal breaker but something to be prepared for.

I was not paid for this review although I was given the product free to test.

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