What’s the secret to being Body Confident?

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By Catherine Strawbridge, published in Cambridge News, April 20th 2017 edition How can I feel good in the clothes I wear if I don’t feel good about what’s underneath them? A question I’m often asked by people.  Styling for me isn’t just about clothes, it’s about how you present your whole self to the world. […]

What’s it like for you?

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“The whole process has definitely made me more body confident (now I know that I shouldn’t be hiding behind my clothes, rather finding things that actually work for me).” – Em, Pretty Normal Me On February 14th I donated a Wardrobe Edit to The Pants Project Valentines Party auction.  The Pants Project was set up […]

How can you shop better?

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By Catherine Strawbridge, published in Cambridge News, March 23rd 2017 edition What type of shopper are you?  Do you plan or are you a last-minute panic buyer? Years ago I used go to sleep and spontaneously dream about an item of clothing.  Those were the days of ‘social shopping’ with friends every weekend so I’d […]

Nnoodl Secret London Adventure

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When it comes to a wedding (or any other) anniversary often one of the couple does the planning, in my case unless we’re planning a holiday it’s usually my husband.  In fairness he’s not a great fan of surprises whereas I love them so it works well. However, for some reason, on this our 5th […]

Wedding Guest Dress Etiquette

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By Catherine Strawbridge, published in Real Cambridge, March 2017 edition On the 25th February I celebrated the 5th year of being married to the wonderful Bob.  He’s a keeper!  Our anniversary is a good reminder to look back at the pictures, sparking memories of the day and also the lead up to it. As you […]

The (Non) Valentines Edit

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By Catherine Strawbridge, published in Real Cambridge, February 2017 edition This isn’t going to be your typical February Valentines column and I make no apology for that. We’re just not that big on it in my house.  However, if you are a man or woman prepping for present shopping – or just going about your […]

Underwear Solutions – Review

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I was approached by Mercedes of Prohibido Lingerie, Cambridge to review a new product Bye Bra she is looking to stock.  Knowing my background – Contour Fashion Degree and Lingerie Buyer – she knew I was probably going to be a tough critic.  They retail for under £30 depending on style chosen. Bye Bra description […]

Do You Co-work? – Review

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Whilst this isn’t my usual subject matter I felt compelled to write this post after spending the day at Cambridge Space recently.  For those not in the know, Space is a new co-working project that started several weeks ago.  The brainchild of five individuals, it found its home in the Hundred Houses Society just north […]